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'Your Job Is To Be The N****r Of The World': Disturbing Video Shows Racist Man Giving Nazi Salute On Plane

The man was eventually escorted off of the plane to applause from other passengers.

A man on a flight to Liverpool, England, last week was seen giving the Nazi salute and was heard shouting the word "n****r" to other passengers on the plane. 

The United Kingdom resident was reportedly in a drunken state when he boarded the Wizz Air flight leaving from Warsaw, Poland. The 27-year-old medical student had been acting "aggressive and offensive" to the cabin crew before boarding the plane, according to the Daily Mail. 

The man was recorded standing in the aisle holding his arm out, mocking a Nazi salute for several seconds. He took his seat shortly after and stood back up to hold the salute again. 

While most of his rant is inaudible, he could be heard saying "Your job is to be the n****r of the world," and "remember that" while pointing in the direction of another passenger. That passenger's race is unclear.

A few moments later he is heard saying "Untermensch," a German word that means "sub-human" and is considered racist. He also yelled out "Sieg Heil," a slogan frequently used by Adolf Hitler, while giving his salute. 

"It made me feel disgusted what I have seen because as a Polish citizen seeing things like that got me really angry, absolutely despicable," the passenger who filmed the incident said. 

The medical student was eventually escorted off the plane by police officers as passengers applauded. He was arrested for racially aggravated harassment and drunkness on a plane. He was later released from police custody.

"We arrested a 27-year-old man from the Lancashire area on suspicion of racial/religiously aggravated harassment and entering an aircraft when drunk/being drunk in an aircraft," a spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said.

“He has been released under investigation pending further inquiries,” the spokeswoman added.

Wizz Air released a statement addressing the incident. 

"At Wizz Air, the safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive [behavior] of any kind. This is now a matter for the police," the statement read. 

The man's actions were offensive, as World War II, the deadliest war in history, started with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. The U.K. responded by demanding Germany to cease its military operation which was later ignored. France joined forces and declared war on the country. Thirty countries including Canada, Australia and New Zealand later joined as allies. 

The war lasted for six years with Nazi Germany being defeated. 

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