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'WTF Is Happening Right Now?': Lil Nas X Crashes Disney World Wedding In Viral Video

Wearing an all-white outfit, the 20-year-old entered the wedding with the bride.

If there's one thing clear about Lil Nas X, it's that he's not the predictable type.

The Grammy award-winning artist recently crashed a wedding at Disney World. Wearing an all-white outfit, the 20-year-old entered the venue with the bride while his hit song “Old Town Road” played in the background. 

As the artist proceeded to dance with the bride, one of the many stunned guests in the room yells "What the f**k is happening right now." 

Lil Nas X posted the short video clip to Twitter on Sunday.

"Just crashed a wedding at disney world," he said.

Nas is seen jogging into the ceremony with the seeming bride before proceeding to dance with guests to his hit song. As usual, his fans didn't disappoint with their reactions on social media.

"Crash my wedding I regret proposing to my girlfriend," one Twitter user wrote.

Another person came up with a conspiracy theory.

"I don’t believe Old Town Road was coming from the speakers," the Twitter user said. "I’m pretty sure that just emits from you like an audible aura at this point."

Some others also used the opportunity to express their love for Lil Nas.

"I’d leave my man if I see you in my wedding party," one person wrote.

"Come crash my family reunion tomorrow!!!!" another Twitter user added.

And trustily enough, the GIFs and memes ensued. 

Earlier this month, Lil Nas X turned heads again when he took to Twitter to praise singer SZA for her look at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

"Call me old fashioned, but i was raised to serve my queen. clean for her. cook for her and everything I do is for her," the rapper said. "And if she cheats? that is on me! she caught me slipping and i will apologize and do better."

The 20-year-old also trolled the homophobic population in July, saying "just got news that i’m gay and i will no longer be streaming my music. I’m sorry that s**t is just not ok."

According to Billboard, "Old Town Road" broke a record last year, spending 19 weeks as the No. 1 single on the Hot 100. 
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