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White Woman Cries Racial Discrimination After Being Passed Over For Promotions Which Went To 'Less Experienced' Black Employees

She's asking for a declaration that the district's actions be determined illegal.

A white woman is suing a Pennsylvania school district, claiming she was discriminated against and overlooked for promotions in favor of Black employees.

Kristen Frankovich, the chief executive secretary, filed a lawsuit against Pittsburgh Public Schools on Thursday for racial discrimination, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

An employee since 2007, she claimed she was "consistently passed over for raises, promotions and various other advancement opportunities in favor of less-experienced African-American employees," according to a civil rights lawsuit. 

Frankovich said she repeatedly asked for a raise, most recently in November 2018.

According to her lawsuit, the school district employed a less experienced and underqualified Black employee, rather than her, in 2012. Two years later, she alleged a Black employee was hired into her vacated position and received nearly $5,000 more despite her not securing a raise while in the same role.

Frankovich said she was denied a management promotion reportedly due to a lack of money for salary increases. However, in her lawsuit, she alleged that a less experienced Black employee was paid a management level rate which was $30,000 more than what she was earning at the time.  

Frankovich said although her responsibilities increased in 2015, she never received a raise. She said at the same time, a Black employee was paid at the management level despite not having the same duties and was later promoted. 

The lawsuit stated that once she was eventually promoted to chief executive secretary, two other Black employees in similar positions were making $25,000 more than her. 

She also filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission regarding the district's conduct. 

Frankovich claimed the district's actions are a part of a pattern. The lawsuit stated their actions may also affect other district employees. 

She's asking for a declaration that the district's actions be determined illegal. She's also requesting an award of back pay, benefits and damages.

The district has not commented on the situation. 

According to Trib Live, this is the second federal lawsuit filed by a white employee against a Pittsburgh-area school district. Similar to Frankovich, teacher Charles Kost alleged he was racially discriminated against. 

On Monday, the teacher sued the Woodland Hills School District claiming he was passed over twice for an assistant principal job by Black employees reportedly with less experience. 

Kost, who holds a doctorate degree in educational leadership, claimed neither of the Black employees had similar schooling or experience. 

He is seeking protection from future discrimination and to be compensated for lost wages. Kost also filed a discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission back in May. 

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