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White Folks Are Being Reminded Black Folks 'Don't Do Shit Like That' And It's Courtesy Of A New Meme

That? Yeah...we don't do it.

Twitter had time for everything this week. After quickly canceling, then clowning, Gina Rodriguez for a few days, Twitter went back to what it does best, making us laugh.

The New York contingent of Black Twitter took special joy in lampooning tourists looking to take selfies on a set of some Bronx stairs featured in the new Joker movie — while a new meme emerged out of nowhere and a little boy had us rolling.

These are your tweets of the week.

This meme from social media star Norman Freeman has been inescapable since he tweeted this video out. It originally came from a YouTube video he created, but it quickly turned into one of the most popular memes on Twitter and Instagram. 

The new Joker movie has made a boatload of money worldwide and is now attracting people to a particular set of stairs in the Bronx that were featured in the film. Although the area has been disastrously gentrified in recent years, local residents were amused by tourists showing up for selfies there.

And a little boy went viral this week on Twitter when his mom filmed him describing what he heard late one night.

Have a great weekend!

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