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We May Not Know What Taylor Swift Was Thinking But We Do Know Who 'Boo Boo The Fool' A'int In These Hilarious Tweets Of The Week

Twitter can't stop and won't stop, and neither will these jokes.

Talkative children and MAGA mayonnaise unite for another round of the internet's best.

From Taylor Swift's #Mayochella performance to millennial nostalgia and magical children, here are the tweets of the week.

What women do for beauty will frighten you.

Let the children lead and you'll see we're all really just big children.

When keeping it real gets too real.

Apparently, white boy can and will jump.

Millennial nostalgia be like.

When the truth is in the context.

I can tell you who it's not!

Y'all don't play nice...

Very necessary.

If Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have nothing in common to you, just wait until you hear this brilliant child's breakdown of the two.

The truth in its purest form.

No pooping on campus, Sally!

The greatest story ever told.

Ms. Taylor tried it.

What more is there to say? You tweeted! you entertained! you gave life! Until next week, my people!

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