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Posted under: Politics

Viral Hashtag #ObamaWasBetterAt Has Twitter Wishing It was 2008 Again

The hashtag on Twitter compared Trump and Obama's administrations.

If there was ever a question of why Barack Obama was our forever POTUS, the #ObamaWasBetterAt gave us a reminder. On Tuesday morning, in response to Trump's racist tweet against four freshmen congressional representatives, the hashtag began as an attempt to remember when the president of the United States didn't throw around racist language on Twitter. After Trump called on four freshman congresswomen to "go back" and "fix the countries they come from," Twitter users took the opportunity to upload photos and list different things that former President Obama had going for him that President Trump just can't match up with.

It goes to show that if you've noticed that things have changed in this country, you're not alone; everyone else has, too.

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