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Utah Jazz Player Responds To Fan's Hysterical Expressions Of Love For Him After Awaking From Surgery

“He’s my best friend. I love Donovan,” the fan said while sobbing uncontrollably.

A basketball fan in Utah had just one person on his mind after undergoing wisdom teeth surgery.

That person was Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell. In a viral video seen on Thursday, the fan expressed his love for Mitchell as he woke up from surgery.

“He’s my best friend. I love Donovan,” the fan said while sobbing uncontrollably. “He’s my best friend. I love him so much. He’s my best friend.”

A person recording the video asked the fan how he can be best friends with a man he has never met.

“I play with him all the time,” the fan responded. 

The viral video got the attention of Mitchell on Twitter.

"My new best friend," the Jazz guard wrote.

Twitter users pleaded with Mitchell to give the fan some tickets to a Jazz game.

"Yo man, you gotta hook this youngster up with some swag and tickets!" one person said. "That was so pure. I can’t stop watching this and busting up." 

"He needs tickets to tomorrow's game!" another Twitter user added. 

And there were many more people who had fun with the video.

Another person said "Oh man! I don’t know if this boy gonna be pissed or thrilled when he comes around!!" Mitchell has become a beloved figure in the NBA with his contributions on and off the court.  According to Sports Illustrated, the All-Star surprised his fourth-grade teacher and her daughter last year with a $25,000 scholarship. The Jazz guard also shocked Utah students in 2018 when he donated t-shirts, backpacks and autographed shoes.  

Last month, Mitchell wore custom shoes during a game to support the relief efforts for the Puerto Rico earthquake and the brush fires in Australia.

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