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Twitter Is In A Wreck Over The Season 2 Finale Of ‘Euphoria’

With Euphoria Sundays coming to a wrap until 2024, fans have been buzzing about the season finale on social media.

Twitter users should know by now that the timeline gets flooded with Euphoria tweets based on the latest episode from Sunday night to Monday morning. 

However, with the popular HBO series' second season coming to an end, it almost appears as if there are even more people talking about the highly anticipated episode than usual.

Let's check out what people had to say about Euphoria season 2, episode 8.

Understandably, various fans centered on the tragic way Fez and Ashtray's storyline played out in the season finale, which featured the latter's death.

Others focused on lighthearted moments, such as the too-long song Elliot played for Rue during the episode.

The long-awaited fight between Maddy and Cassie also got a lot of attention.

It's also worth acknowledging that people shared several general memes that contained references to the episode.  

Others chose to talk about the various storylines left unresolved in the season 2 finale, with some people bringing up how more loose ends could have been wrapped up if Elliot's singing scene had been significantly shorter.

Jules, a significant character in the show, not having many lines in the finale also got some fans chattering.

People also shared a variety of other takes they had about Euphoria.

The fact that the series won't return until 2024 also spawned a number of tweets.

What did you think about the season finale of Euphoria?

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