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Twitter Is Going In On Thanksgiving Traditions And Non-Cooking Aunties

Some people want to bring attention to less popular items, such as deviled eggs.

After the pandemic forced many families to stay apart during Thanksgiving last year, some are now coming back together to celebrate the holiday. For those who are fortunate to still stay together despite this unprecedented time, the return of the holiday also means returning to their traditions and rehashing the Thanksgiving food debate. 

Here is some of the foolishness people are chatting about ahead of the holiday:

Turkey is of course the most popular feature of the Thanksgiving tradition. According to some people, however, Turkey comes in last when compared to other meat items. 

There are also those people who want to bring attention to less popular items, such as deviled eggs. 

Sometimes it's just a matter of who is cooking the food. But how do you honestly communicate to your aunties who think they can cook? 

How do you know when your work in the kitchen is really appreciated on Thanksgiving? Well, the answer should be clear when you see your loved ones carrying boxes of your cooking to their home. 

Sometimes, Thanksgiving gives people a chance to educate their less informed relatives about key issues in society. 

For some people, Thanksgiving is just a day that marks the arrival of Black Friday. Others who are not consumed with the major shopping day cringe at the idea of people showing gratitude and getting caught up in corporate greed at the same time. 

In a time when many family members have lost loved ones due to the pandemic, people who are fortunate to celebrate the holiday are expressing gratitude more than ever. 

Other social media users will likely share their thoughts on social media while celebrating the holiday. But of course, at some point, they will have to put the phone down and listen to their crazy uncle ramble on about something from 1952. 

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