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Black Folks On Twitter Are Asking 'How Black Are You' And The Responses Are Hysterical

So... how black are you?

The black community bonds over many things, be it music, film, television, dancing or food. However, the ultimate thing that unifies us is blackness itself. It's a cultural wonder often hard to describe--but you know it when you see it. 

Thankfully, there are examples and anecdotes that we can lean on. That moment when someone cites undeniable blackness and we all recognize it; Issa beautiful thing. 

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Cue the #HowBlackAreYou trending topic, which is the best thing happening on the internet this week! 

Twitter explored how we don't use specific measures of time, yet everyone gets it when "the other day" is referenced:

Get into the chicken Olympics, though! Party wings may be a popular food to eat while watching a game, but cleaning those bones ain't a game! 

And don't act like ya'll didn't hear the sound in your head when you read this one: 

Or that you don't know that phrase you "smell like all outside!"

The hashtag also showed that we are a resourceful race:

#HowBlackAreYou https://t.co/9E7xZElPxV— MYMYAAT/SEX Enthusiast (@mykellejordan) March 25, 2018

#blacktwitter is the source of so much happiness A post shared by Project Melanin (@project.melaninn) on

Even our laughs are special:

"How black are you?"

Sometimes when I laugh at a joke, I clap my hands ... pic.twitter.com/7EINCpHq87
— 💀IGGY💀 (@ItsTheRealBizZ) April 5, 2018

And we have to take a second to recognize that moment when you realize your mama was the original Joanne The Scammer:

There's also how you know when a function (cookout, party, club outing, etc.) is wrapping up:

And how we turn the most mundane things into doing the MOST:

Also, why is this too true? 

Did you ever notice how you couldn't say "lie" until you were old enough to file taxes? 

And we know how to make things last. Because what we not 'gonna do is waste any lotion in that bottle!

#FairlyAccurate #HowBlackAreYou #List.... A post shared by Let's Unite Black Toronto (@torontoformation) on

Or the toothpaste tube ...

Ashley ... Felicia ... Tenisha ... you know who you are, damn! 

No matter what they call you though, you know they meant you, why they were calling you and that you better bring whatever it is they want, quickly. 

We don't just eat from anybody's house, especially potato salad. But, ish like this is why ...

While you're wandering memory lane, let's not forget the classic bank account balance inquiry:

Speaking of rites of passage, how about that first night after getting your hair braided?

#HowBlackAreYou https://t.co/uEK1ovY38K— Strange Fruit (@DSomon) March 30, 2018

And, seriously, that grandma's purse was like the entrance to Narnia. How many things could she fit in there?!

And yes, for those wondering, this hashtag travels the diaspora:


Basically ... as if there was ever any doubt, blackness, in and of itself, is excellence. 

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Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.