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Trans Woman Ashanti Carmon Fatally Shot In Maryland On Eve Of Trans Day Of Visibility

She is the second Black transgender woman to be murdered this year.

A Fairmount Heights, Maryland, transwoman was murdered on the eve of International Trans Day of Visibility.

Family and friends have identified the victim as 27-year-old Ashanti Carmon. The Washington Post reports Prince George’s County police were called to the Fairmount Heights neighborhood around 6:30 a.m. Saturday.

Her body was found with several gunshot wounds, police said. Carmon was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Authorities investigating the shooting have yet to discover a motive. At this time, there are no primary suspects connected to Carmon's murder. 

Carmon’s fiancé, Phillip Williams, told NBC Washington the two went to see a movie and get a bite to eat the night before her death. They were reportedly dating for about six years.

During the hours between the couple's date and the shooting, the victim was with friends, Refinery 29 reports. 

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“She did not deserve to leave this earth so early, and especially in the way she went out — she did not deserve that,” Williams told NBC Washington. "Until I leave this world, I’m going to continue on loving her in my heart body and soul."

Williams said he did not hear from her before the shooting, and authorities told media Carmon's homicide was the first homicide in five years in the town of Fairmount Heights.

The victim's death is also the second time a Black transwoman was murdered this year. In January, 31-year-old Dana Martin was killed in Alabama.

Trans women of color are more likely than non-white trans women to be victims of violence.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, there were 24 transgendered people murdered in 2018. Out of that number, 82% of the victims were of color. 

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