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Tracee Ellis Ross Uses A Children's Book To Bring A Timely Word On Sexual Harassment

Tracee Ellis Ross’ children’s book for handsy men.

It's official! Tracee Ellis Ross has joined the ranks of Jenifer Lewis and Loretta Devine as a universal black auntie. With class, humor and a healthy dose of wisdom, the actress has been schooling us on the ways of womanhood since Girlfriends.

On Tuesday the Black-ish star hosted "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and delivered a timely word for the kids on sexual misconduct. Amidst a recent barrage of allegations of sexual harassment against high powered men, the comedic actress channeled her inner Dr. Seuss, using a children's book to teach men about the woes of this kind of behavior.

And there you have it, boys and girls. Auntie Tracee has spoken.

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