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Tracee Ellis Ross And Issa Rae Randomly Met At 30,000 Feet, And Refused To Let Natural Hair Problems Bring Them Down

Black girl s**t!

Traveling involves a whole list of things to remember: packing the right things, bringing your passport if the trip is international and making sure you have travel-sized containers for liquids, to name a few. We black girls, though, have one other significant thing to take into account: our hair.

In addition to having to worry about the TSA pat-down, we have to make sure our tresses are safe and secure from those nasty airplane elements. 

Tracee Ellis Ross posted the peak black girl sisterhood post on Twitter, Monday afternoon (June 4).

The video had so many OMG moments.

First off, Tracee realized Issa Rae was on the same plane as her, and they both quickly geeked out over that. Then, one of the best things ever happened.

"I was about to wrap my hair," exclaimed Issa. That dry air pressure ain't about to ruin those precious locs! Y'all know how Issa always kills it on the red carpet! (Shoutout to hair whisperer Felicia Leatherwood.) 

Second, in a moment of solidarity and synchronicity, Tracee admitted she was about to take down her hair, too! Because black girl prep! 

"And, by the way, you're gonna wrap your hair, and I'm gonna take this braid out while we're on the flight," she remarked. 

Third, and perhaps best of all, Issa aptly dubbed the moment, "black girl s**t."


Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

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