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Tired Of Black Media Being Last For A Celebrity Interview, Here’s Why I Created A Space Where We Can Be First

"Every carpet I worked, I made new connections in the industry and also a valuable observation. I noticed Black and Latinx outlets were usually last on the carpet."

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Before my life in Los Angeles, I was originally from Bremerton, Washington, a small military town near downtown Seattle. Most people who grow up there enter the military after high school or go to Washington State University to live the "party dorm" lifestyle. It's a town I love very much because without it, I would be nothing. But life moved me away from it to various other places.

I never had a stable home for a majority of my life. Around the end of sixth grade, my mother, Andrea Lucy Ayers, was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, which caused her to miss a lot of time from work. We weren’t financially stable enough to keep a home due to her illness, so I moved around quite a bit throughout my middle school and high school days.

After graduating from high school, I moved to Los Angeles to find new opportunities in life. I attended East Los Angeles College to study business, and during the weekends I would help my sister out as a videographer while she did red carpet interviews. Every carpet I worked, I made new connections in the industry and also a valuable observation. I noticed Black and Latinx outlets were usually last on the carpet. I also noticed nobody my age was there or at press junkets. This prompted me to create WhereistheBuzz to offer more opportunities for Black journalists to shine.

WhereistheBuzz has a passion for developing the potential of new media to transcend traditional norms. The outlet is growing rapidly with a combined following of over 200,000 followers via our social media platforms, over 6.3 million monthly visitors for our website and over 3 million profile visitors a month on Instagram, in addition to over 70,000 Twitter followers.

This year alone, we've been quoted in commercials for the movie, The Upside, gone viral a couple of times and have been featured in major publications such as Complex, Teen Vogue, MTV News, Vice, Comic Book, Huffington Post, The Shade Room, BBC news, Buzz Feed, HYPEBEAST, HotNewHipHop, Baller Alert and more.

Interviews with celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Davidson, Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Eddie Murphy, Regina Hall, and Angela Basset (to name a few) have also been a part of WhereistheBuzz's 2019.

A long way from the small town of Bremerton, Washington, I'm very proud of the work WhereistheBuzz is doing for Black talent in front of and behind the camera in the entertainment industry. I believe it's important and creates space for us at the front of the line; a big difference from the red carpet experiences that inspired me to make this blossoming outlet.

You can check out the WhereistheBuzz podcast on YouTube and Spotify, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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Wayne Ayers is the Founder of online media publication @WhereIsTheBuzz in addition to being an op-ed writer for Blavity. He focuses on the success stories of Black Entrepreneurs in Tech and Entertainment while analyzing the development of the company’s growth and community impact.