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TikTok Star’s Shoes Leads To FBI Arrest For Allegedly Robbing 3 Stores

Authorities said Terrell-Hannah's shoes seen in his viral TikTok videos matched the shoes worn during four armed robberies.

After investigating a series of armed robberies in Detroit, the FBI has arrested a popular TikTok after being spotted wearing a pair of sneakers he allegedly wore during his crime spree.

According to Detriot News, Chozen Terrell-Hannah admitted to robbing four stores after federal investigators raided his home on Wednesday. Known as "ChozenWrld," the TikTok personality is accused of a three-month spree targeting retail stores.

The publication reports that the robberies began in December at a 7-Eleven in Detroit. In addition to wearing black pants and a black hooded sweatshirt, the suspect was wearing a black ski mask, white shoes, and carrying a black backpack decorated with pink flowers. At gunpoint, he robbed the store, took the money, and fled. A month later, someone robbing a gas station at gunpoint wore a similar outfit and backpack.

A little over a month later, a man wearing a similar outfit, carrying a matching backpack, robbed the Marathon gas station in Dearborn. Before fleeing with cash, the robber pressed a black handgun into the clerk's back as he demanded money. He left the store with an 18-pack of cigars, and investigators soon found a .40-caliber bullet on the counter.

In Commerce Township, a similarly dressed man with a black backpack and pink flowers robbed the same 7-Eleven on Benstein on Jan. 26. The fourth robbery occurred at an Old West Tobacco store in Novi on Feb. 1. The suspect wore a black ski mask as in previous robberies, but investigators noticed pink or red hair poking out from behind it.

As described in a criminal complaint, the robber wore white Nike sneakers with red accents during four armed robberies between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1. Terrell-Hannah is the dancer in a TikTok video wearing the same sneakers.

Police said the TikTok video was posted by Terrell-Hannah the same day he allegedly committed the first robbery. He posted videos for the past three months while police said he was committing these robberies.

According to Afrotech, there might be an issue with Terrell-Hannah's case and it all has to do with the witnesses. 

The publication reports that eyewitnesses to the robberies described the suspect as a white man; however, Chozen Terrell-Hannah is Black.

The arresting FBI task officer points out that he could have been described as Black or white because of Hannah's complexion.

"Based on my training and experience, I believe due to (Terrell-Hannah's) light complexion," the FBI task force officer said. "the victims of armed robberies, observing him under the circumstances and wearing the clothing described above, could describe him as either White or Black."


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Chozen Terrell-Hannah, 22, with nearly 150,000 followers on his TikTok page, is famous for his funny skits and trending dance moves.

Terrell-Hannah is being held without bond pending a hearing in federal court today. In addition to robbery affecting interstate commerce, the TikTok star was charged with possessing a firearm during a violent crime. If convicted of all four offenses, he could spend more than 20 years in prison.

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