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This Video Of Two Moms Discovering Their Babies Are Damn Near Identical Has Folks Wondering Who The Pappy Is

The icing on the cake is that the babies apparently share the same birthday and only live a block away from each other.

One Twitter user’s recent tweet of a video of two identical yet non-related babies has birthed hilarious scenarios unraveling the mystery. 

On Wednesday, @GetEmEasy had the Twitter streets scratching their heads and doubled over in laughter after reposting a video of two mothers and their adorable babies crossing paths for the first time in a store. 

The original video was captured by a woman on Facebook named Countiss Azor who met another mom while shopping at her local Big Lots store.

While normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, Azor and the other mother have apparently never met in spite of having babies who are spitting images of one another. On top of that, two critical details about the chance encounter had Twitter convinced this was more than a coincidence: the babies have the same birthday and both families only live one block away from each other.

According to Azor, both of the tiny tots were also born in the same hospital and even have similar names — James and Jean.

Azor's Facebook video has more than 1.6 million views and 20,000 comments. Meanwhile, the reposted clip on Twitter has garnered more than 5,500 retweets and over 800 hilarious responses. 

Most Twitter users hypothesized that both babies share the same father, meaning somebody got some explaining to do. 

Others assumed that things will soon go south for some man out there: 

One Twitter user took a more nuanced approach and predicted that there may have been a mix up at the hospital. 

Whatever the truth is, there is no mistaking that these are babies will make any bystander do a double-take. Somebody call Maury and tell his team to hop on this storyline ASAP. 

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