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This Video Of A Son Reuniting With His Father Who Lives Across The Country Is Warming Hearts On The Interwebs

The boy's mother, Shemeka Wright, said Jackson hasn't seen his father in six months.

In a heartwarming video that has gone viral, a father gives his son a big surprise for the holidays.  

Yahoo News reports the father flew from Connecticut to California and surprised his son after the two were apart for a long time. 

The video, posted to Instagram, starts with Jackson proudly telling his mother about the grades he received in school. A few minutes later, the boy walks into his room and finds his father, who made the sojourn to see his child. After spotting his father, Jackson immediately embraces the man he didn't expect to see for the holidays. 

"You're here," the boy says repeatedly as he tightly wraps his arms around his father. "I'm so happy." 

The father and son embrace each other for more than a minute as Jackson continues to express how much he missed the man sitting in his bedroom.

The boy's mother, Shemeka Wright, said Jackson hasn't seen his father in six months.

“His dad’s name is DeLon,” Wright told Storyful. "Jackson and I moved from Connecticut to California in June for me to pursue my acting career on a larger scale. Our entire family is in Connecticut and they have been extremely supportive and we appreciate them."

Wright said Jackson has thrived in academics although it has been tough to be away from his father. 

“Though it has been emotionally hard missing everyone, Jackson has thrived in his academics, made the honor roll, new friends, has joined the band, he plays trumpet and signed up for baseball in the spring," she said. "We are most proud of him.”

The video received plenty of reactions on social media.

"Whew... My allergies... Got my all eyes filled up," one person said on Instagram. "Somebody pass me some tissue."

"That is wonderful," another Instagram user said. "Had me teary eyed." 

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