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This Resurfaced Video Of Beyoncé Giving Big Boss Lady Energy Is Sending Us

The Virgo in her demands perfection and nothing less.

As the Beyhive will tell you, Beyoncé doesn't mess around when trying to prep for a show. In a resurfaced video, Queen Bey's boss energy is front and center as she gathers the lighting technicians to remind them of her previous notes.

"The background and the people and the floors and the instruments — everything is supposed to be white, but the way y'all are lighting it, it doesn't matter because you can't tell what the set is doing. It's red and purple light," she says. 

It didn't take long before the group decided to go with her original lighting plan. 

"I mean, I said that yesterday," the singer emphasized. 

Twitter had a ball in the replies as social media users broke down each moment of the 32-second clip. 

Some users found the infamous look back to be the funniest part of the clip.

One person said if Beyoncé only hired people in the hive, she wouldn't have these issues.

The famous Virgo made her opinions on the matter very clear.    

For the sake of Bey's team, we hope there weren't any other mess ups. 

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