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The Woman Behind The Squat-And-Squint Meme Says Potential Tinder Dates Now Think She’s A Catfish

Even the story behind the meme’s origin is hysterical!

The identity of the squinting woman in the pink jacket has finally been uncovered.

Internet users have been posting the meme for a variety of situations, from slandering short dudes to recovering after Cash Money took over for the ’99 and 2000.

FADER played detective and discovered Karlin Elisa is the lady in pink.

 This meme has generated many laughs, and that’s exactly what Elisa wanted to do.

“You’re so welcome,” she said to an admirer on Twitter. “My goal is life to put as many smiles on as many faces as I can before I leave this earth. This has been a treat for my soul!”

Like many great things, this picture was an accident. The squat-and-squint picture is a blooper shot from another picture.

She posted it after taking the original picture and joked that her knees were hurting after flexin’ for the ‘gram.

"When your knees are crying after you’ve squatted for the gram," she wrote. 

Although Elisa is enjoying the attention the picture is getting, it has affected her love life. Potential Tinder dates think she is trying to finesse them.

“Y'all... these n****s on tinder think I'm a catfish because of this meme. I'm. So. Dead,” she tweeted.

It's great to see she has a great sense of humor about being a meme. Now, I want to know where she got those cute shoes! 

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