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The Innanet Almost Took Us Out With These 23 Viral Memes From The Last Decade

These memes were so perfect they kept us in tears.

Leaning on its ability to be relatable and accurate, the meme has easily become a part of our everyday-internet-lives. When we can't express ourselves in words, there's always a prefect meme to accomplish the task. It's almost as if these moments that become memes were destined to exist and we honestly can't imagine a world, or a decade, without them. In no particular order, here are 23  viral memes from the 2010s that brought us together and flooded our timelines.

1. KeKe Palmer 'Sorry To This Man.'

2. Housewife vs. Cat

3. Spongebob 'Ight Imma Head Out'

4. Rolf Starring Out The Window

5. Dexter 'I love your accent'

6. Kermit 'But That's None Of My Business'

7. Auntie Maxine 'Reclaiming My Time'

8. Arthur Fist

9. Hits Blunt

10. Morpheus: 'What If I Told You'

11. Sweet Brown 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That'

YouTube | KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

12. 'Why You Always Lying'

13. Antoine Dodson 'Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife'

YouTube | CrazyLaughAction

14. Michael Jordan Crying Face

15. Mr. Krabs Spinning

16.This Is Fine( Dog sitting in room on fire)

17. Nick Young Confused

18. Jordan Peele Sweating

19. Cafeteria Girl 'Or Nah'

Photo Credit: knowyourmeme.com

20. Kalin Elisa Bent Over Squinting

21. 'I Was Waiting On You At The Door' 

22. Black Guy On The Phone (Martin Baker)

23. General Larry Platt 'Pants On The Ground'

YouTube | Idols Global

May the 2020s bring us more hilarious memes that speak to our lives and keep us connected.

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