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The Foolery Goes Way Back As Folks Relive The Best Of The 2010s With #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade

All of your favorite tweets and videos are being brought back as Twitter celebrates the end of an era.

End of the decade content is flooding our feeds now that December has arrived and 2020 is right around the corner. Thankfully, Twitter users have decided to band together and bring back some of the decade's top content.

Using #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade, people across the globe are resurfacing all the stuff that's had us rolling since 2010.

From "Why You Lyin'" to the infamous metamorphosis of Rolf, Black Twitter is easily leading the way with some of the most hilarious videos and tweets.

Here are a select few that had us reminiscing and crying in laughter all at the same time.

So many of our favorite 2010s GIFs come from downright hilarious videos that went viral on Twitter. There is no better example than this little baby, who had a number of hit tweets under her belt but turned her "Sup" into a universal mood.

Children are often the funniest part of Twitter, and this video became an essential GIF for anyone trying to clown someone for clearly lying on the spot. 
Head tilts around the world bowed in honor of this viral video that had us all rolling.
No good list could leave out Real Housewives of Atlanta, which has been a meme factory since the show aired.  Of all the videos on this list, "Why You Lyin" has had the longest shelf-life. Just a screenshot of the video instantly has most of us singing along in our heads.
All of the world's fans of The Golden Girls rejoiced and felt eminently seen when this young man remixed the timeless sitcom's theme song. Now, you can't hear the show's theme without thinking of this self-wig-snatching performance. This young woman had an interviewer floored when she threw all his misogynistic assumptions back in his face.
We had no choice but to stan these two young women just trying to have a good time. Till this day, star boxer Deontay Wilder's pre-fight interview remains a patented Twitter classic. As threads have become more popular on Twitter over the past five years, this video has become a permanently useful meme to use when things take a sudden left turn.
We couldn't leave out this classic, which had everyone screaming "mans not hot" for months on end.
Head over to Twitter to find hundreds of your favorite videos and tweets back in circulation.
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