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The Iconic American Inventor Is Still A White Male – And That's An Obstacle To Race And Gender Inclusion

Women and people of color who go into STEM fields invent and patent far less often than their white male counterparts. The question is why.
The Conversation
 • 4 months ago

Why We Need Black Entrepreneurs To Create Solutions For Black Workers

Why have we struggled to reskill American workers and place them into meaningful work? What do we need to change to better support workers?
Dr. Angela Jackson
 • 4 months ago

Initiatives To Close The Digital Divide Must Last Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic To Work

Internet access at home has been linked to higher academic achievement.
The Conversation
 • 6 months ago

Why I Believe Actual Words Still Hold More Power Than The Emoji

Words still have power.

Smartphone Witnessing Becomes Synonymous With Black Patriotism After George Floyd's Death

Black witnessing glares back at authorities in times of crisis or protest.
The Conversation
 • 9 months ago

What I Believe USPS Should Do To Save Itself And Better Serve Customers

The overall mail volume decline is the result of online diversion.
Praveen Chaparala
 • 9 months ago

Activism By Way Of The Ballot: Why Voting Is A Necessary Means Of Resistance

The urgency for Black and brown voters to participate in the 2020 election cycle is no longer disputable.
Jordan Wilson & Wen-kuni Ceant
 • 9 months ago

Tech And Policing Amidst Pandemic And Protests

In America, technology has always been deployed to subject Black people to intense surveillance and violence from the state as well as broader society.
Evan Wright
 • 10 months ago

Building The A.R.C. Of Leadership: Improving Effective Leadership And Employee Engagement Amidst COVID-19

The use of technology helps to create a systematic approach to leadership.
Monte Williams
 • 10 months ago

Pants Or No Pants? Tips For Virtual Job Interviews From Home

You are under no obligation to introduce your prospective boss into your home life through video chat.
The Conversation
 • a year ago

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