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105-Year-Old Woman Among Several Black Oklahomans Suing Tulsa For 1921 Race Massacre

The massacre is believed to have left approximately 300 Black people dead.
Jon Greig
 • 2 months ago

In Politics, Here’s Why I Believe Racial Identity Is Not Enough For Us To Believe In

There may be melanin in the room, but there is no diversity of ideas and priorities.
Jonathan Mathias Lassiter, PhD
 • 2 months ago

The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation Is Helping To Elevate The Self-Esteem Of Young Girls Of Color Across 160 Schools

It was one of many to fight for the freedom of a 15-year-old detained, in part, for not completing her online homework.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • 2 months ago

Former VP Contenders Congratulate Kamala Harris For Securing Historic Nomination

The other Black women being considered for the vice presidential position big-upped Kamala Harris for being the choice.
Jon Greig
 • 2 months ago

We Need To Unpack The Word 'Race' And Find New Language

Many embrace race as a concept, but it mostly persists because the damage caused by racism persists.
The Conversation
 • 2 months ago

Whitesplaining: The Conversation About White Progressive Liberal Racism That We Aren’t Having

Within this conversation about race in our country, we need to include the forms of racism that masquerade as non-violent, including each moment someone is being willful in their worldview.
Shanta Lee Gander
 • 3 months ago

Here Are Some Possible Solutions To Medicine’s Systemic Racism Problem

Within medicine, racism can corrupt the patient-doctor relationship; it also affects the treatment of trainees.
Reine-Marcelle Ibala
 • 3 months ago

Michigan 15-Year-Old Detained For Not Completing Schoolwork Released From Juvenile Detention

The 15-year-old was sent to a juvenile detention center in May, sparking nationals calls for her release.
Jon Greig
 • 3 months ago

The First Step To A Better Future? Having Difficult Conversations About The Past

When enough voices speak out, even a whisper can be amplified to a yell.
Justice Brown
 • 3 months ago

Texas Has The Most Black Voters Of All The States, So This Voting Initiative Aims To Ensure All Of These Voices Are Heard

The initiative also aims to send at least 950,000 texts to Black voters by early August.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 3 months ago

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