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Roc Nation Partners With Brooklyn-Based University To Open The Roc Nation School Of Music, Sports And Entertainment

A portion of enrolled students will receive a Roc Nation Hope Scholarship.
Alyssa Curtis
 • 4 months ago

A Love Letter To Black Women, Told Through Black Love Songs

Music is the universal language of the soul.
 • 4 months ago

The Power Of Black Music: Celebrating Its Journey And Impact On American Culture

Black music has been a constant in helping us cope and heal during this time of uncertainty.
H. Beecher Hicks, III
 • 5 months ago

11 Influential Black LGBTQ+ Musicians Who Rep Pride And Black Music

We celebrate our Black queer icons, this month and every month.
Kenneth J. Williams Jr.
 • 6 months ago

Apple Music Played Only Black Artists On #BlackoutTuesday, Including N.W.A.'s 'F**k The Police'

The music service said it was participating in the initiative to support Black artists and Black communities.
Jon Greig
 • 6 months ago

Ultimate Match Ups: 9 Verzuz Battles We're Waiting To See

Who's your money on?
Kenneth J. Williams Jr.
 • 6 months ago

How Gene Noble’s COVID-19 Inspired Music Video Gave Me Hope

There's power in words that unite us all.
Corein Carter
 • 6 months ago

All The Ways Black Musical Creativity Has Kept Us On Our Feet During The Lockdown

At least we're bored together.
Kenneth J. Williams Jr.
 • 8 months ago

Why We’re Uniting DJs To Use Their Voices For More Than Getting The Party Started

It is imperative that we do everything to assure that everyone gets involved in the 2020 elections.
 • 8 months ago

Prince Mentee, Kandace Springs, Has A New Album That Honors Our Fave Black Artists In A Jazzy Way

The jazz singer celebrates legendary female musicians on "The Women Who Raised Me."
DeAsia Paige
 • 9 months ago

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