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How Special Interest Money In Politics Threatens Black Communities

Money drowning our political system exacerbates white supremacy.
Donald Sherman
 • 8 months ago

7 Basics Things To Know As You Begin Your Journey Toward Building Black Wealth

Creating and building wealth is a major part of Black lives mattering.
Robyn Jefferson
 • 8 months ago

To Save The US Economy, Congress Must Invest In The Black Community

These systems of inequality not only prevent Black Americans from thriving, they drag down the broader economy.
David G. Clunie
 • 9 months ago

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Finances During COVID-19

The first step to getting your finances in order is to ensure that you have a realistic perspective on the situation.
Tyron Jones
 • 9 months ago

3 Money Lessons I’ve Rediscovered During Quarantine

Is COVID-19 helping you see how you really relate to spending?
Kara Stevens
 • a year ago

In A Crowded Market, Here’s Why Your Diversity Is Your Differentiator

Your cultural lens is an important part of how you do your job.
Mawulom Nenonene
 • a year ago

How The Coronavirus Forced Me To Rethink My Life Emotionally And Financially

COVID-19 is making us pause and figure out what really holds value in our lives.
Kara Stevens
 • a year ago

The Importance Of Career Development In Uncertain Times

It’s absolutely normal to feel a bit anxious these days.
Sam Hill
 • a year ago

A Coronavirus Recession May Be Coming: Here's What To Do With Your Money

You don’t need a Ph.D. in finance to achieve your investment goals. All you need to do is follow some simple guidelines, backed by evidence and hard-earned market wisdom.
The Conversation
 • a year ago

How Black Banks Can Help Combat The Predatory Lending Practices Hurting Our Community

Lending can take a dream from an idea to implementation.
 • 2 years ago

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