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Why Bringing Mental Health Out Of The Shadows Is Imperative

Unfortunately, for too many Americans, mental health issues like depression, anxiety, addiction and even suicidal ideation are dismissed as choices, viewed as weaknesses and shrouded in misinformation and fear.
Garth Graham
 • a month ago

Why Travel Is Radical Self-Care

Voluntarily visiting different shores of the Atlantic can truly feel like an act of rebellion, because I know that there are many people who would have intended for us to only see these seas in shackles.
Ashley N. Company
 • a month ago

Black Americans Are Experiencing Higher Rates Of Mental Health Issues Due To COVID-19, Study Finds

As the pandemic continues to have its effect on people financially and socially, Black people are facing the brunt of the mental health burden.
Jon Greig
 • a month ago

5 Things To Look For On A College Campus That Benefit Mental Health

It pays to take campus design into consideration when selecting a school.
The Conversation
 • a month ago

How The Pandemic And Social Unrest Helped Me Find My Powerful Black Voice

I told my story and I let others know what it is like to be a person of color living in this country.
Alexandra Robinson
 • 2 months ago

Michelle Obama Says Hypocrisy Of Trump Admin And Racial Unrest Have Contributed To Her ‘Low-Grade Depression’

The former first lady said she has been working on her mental health by working out and learning to pamper herself.
DeMario P. Smith
 • 3 months ago

4 Significant Mental Health Barriers That Prevent Black Communities From Treatment

We need to break the silence and subsequently break the chain of depression and internal oppression that’s persisted in our community for generations.
Marlon Rollins
 • 3 months ago

Breathe, Single Mama: 6 Strategies That Have Helped Me Get Through The Worst Days

Motherhood in general can be demanding, but it’s double the pressure when it’s all on one.
Authentically Arika
 • 3 months ago

Postpartum Depression: A Mental Health Crisis For Black Women In The Midst Of COVID-19

What happens to the women who undergo traumatic birth experiences and survive?
Alexis Lighten Wesley, M.D.
 • 3 months ago

The Family Of A 14-Year-Old Called A Health Center To Help Her. Instead, Cops Came And She's Now Sentenced To 11 Years In Juvenile Detention.

A petition to reopen the case of Saraya Rees has received over 10,000 signatures.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 3 months ago

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