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4 Tips To Be A Better Person After Realizing You’ve Become The Toxic Friend

Monique and Candiace are on their journeys. You can be, too.
Sasha Smith
 • a month ago

How Recognizing Suicidal Thoughts Could Save A Loved One’s Life

We need to break the silence and subsequently break the chain of depression and internal oppression that’s persisted in our community for generations.
Marlon Rollins
 • a month ago

How COVID-19 Affects The Young Adult Population’s Mental Health

We are already dealing with a pandemic that affects our physical well-being, but we also need to look at how this will affect our mental well-being.
Dominique White
 • a month ago

How The Generosity Of My Community Helps Me Cope With The Pains Of Sickle Cell Disease

DayShana Jones shares her experience battling sickle cell disease and how people can help.
DayShana Jones
 • a month ago

Black Maternal Mortality: Why We Must Act Now To Protect Black Mothers

We need leaders who support Black maternal health at every level of government.
Amanda K. Edwards
 • a month ago

Friend, Stop Hiding: Here Are 3 Strategies To Find And Accept Your Authentic Self

The real power of authenticity is knowing that you are your own savior.
Authentically Arika
 • a month ago

Why Bringing Mental Health Out Of The Shadows Is Imperative

Unfortunately, for too many Americans, mental health issues like depression, anxiety, addiction and even suicidal ideation are dismissed as choices, viewed as weaknesses and shrouded in misinformation and fear.
Garth Graham
 • a month ago

Why Travel Is Radical Self-Care

Voluntarily visiting different shores of the Atlantic can truly feel like an act of rebellion, because I know that there are many people who would have intended for us to only see these seas in shackles.
Ashley N. Company
 • a month ago

San Francisco To Give Pregnant Black And Pacific Islander Moms Monthly Income To Help Rectify Racial Health Disparities

Expectant mothers can expect to receive a monthly income of $1,000 during their pregnancy and six months postpartum.
DeMario P. Smith
 • a month ago

Trump Was Silly Enough To Try Talking Over This Black Philly Woman During A Town Hall

Ellesia Blaque: national hero.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 2 months ago

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