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Lizzo Is Using Her Free Time During Her Australian Tour To Volunteer In Wake Of The Bushfire Crisis

The singer helped package food hampers that will be delivered to those in need.
Alyssa Curtis
 • 10 months ago

SNAP Back! Why We Should Fight Back Against Trump's War Against The Poor

The Trump administration made major changes to SNAP benefits. It's up to the community as a whole to hold him accountable.
Kandist Mallett
 • a year ago

Trump Admin Announces Rule Change Cutting SNAP Benefits For Nearly 700,000 People

"There is no dignity in taking food away from the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens."
Patrick Forrest
 • a year ago

15 Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes Ranked And Which Relative Is Bringing Them

Happy Turkey Day, folks!
Bee Pollard
 • a year ago

History, Fam And Fun: Here’s What Thanksgiving Means To Me

I think I’ll be able to continue appreciating Thanksgiving for all it offers for a long time to come
Nakia Henry
 • a year ago

Why Community-Owned Grocery Stores Like Co-Ops Are The Best Recipe For Revitalizing Food Deserts

"Supporting cooperatives is one way to ensure that shoppers show up."
The Conversation
 • a year ago

Dorian Hunter Is The First Black Woman To Win 'MasterChef'

The Georgia native's winning recipe culminated in a plate for the gods.
Alyssa Curtis
 • a year ago

This 11-Year-Old Chef Is Taking Over The Vegan Movement With Caribbean Food

Omari McQueen became one of the youngest restaurateurs on earth after his weeklong pop-up stint in London.
Jon Greig
 • a year ago

Green Thumbs, Black Gardeners: How Urban Gardens Help A Community Grow

How this East New York Farms project helped nourish the body and soul of a community.
Chad Small
 • a year ago

This Black-Owned Vegan Establishment In Florida Has Garnered Over $1 Million In Sales After 17 Months

Since opening in March 2018, the store has welcomed more than 35,000 customers, most of whom aren’t vegan.
Chelsea Burwell
 • a year ago

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