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NBA Player Gets Head Coach, Who Happens To Be His Father, Ejected From Game, Proves Ball Is Thicker Than Blood

It be your own family.
Chelsea Burwell
 • 9 months ago

This Is What Black Fatherhood Really Looks Like

We love our Black fathers.
Kayla Greaves
 • a year ago

What Having Two Mothers Has Taught Me About Life

A note to the ones who gave us life, and the ones who chose to raise us.
Brittany Eubanks
 • a year ago

14 Things Black Moms Don't Hear Often Enough

Don't just wait till Mother's Day to let them know.
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

Nia Wilson's Family Is Filing A Wrongful Death Suit Against BART

Wilson, 18, was murdered last year after her neck was slit by a fare evader on a local California train.
Jazzi Johnson
 • a year ago

How Great Negotiation Skills Can Benefit Your Daily Life

"By developing good negotiation skills, we minimize misunderstandings, both at work and within the family setting."
 • a year ago

The One Financial App You Need To Take Ownership Over Your Money

Check This Out
Blavity Team
 • 2 years ago

4 Unique Ways Millennial Moms Are Approaching Parenting

Breaking generational curses for progression.
 • 2 years ago

4 Ways To Make The Most Of The New Year

"Hey, sometimes just making it through the year is a very big deal."
Quentin Holmes
 • 2 years ago

Away From Family This Holiday Season? Here's How To Make The Best Of It.

Check This Out
Kayla Stewart
 • 2 years ago

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