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Lizzo Says She Almost Quit Making Music After The Release Of 'Truth Hurts' Due To Depression

“Now the song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone’s falling in love with me for," the singer said.
Ashleigh Lakieva Atwell
 • a year ago

African-Americans' Economic Setbacks From The Great Recession Are Ongoing – And Could Be Repeated

"Coupled with the net worth and homeownership figures not recovering and even regressed since the recession officially ended, it means that Blacks are still vulnerable to future economic downturns."
The Conversation
 • 2 years ago

Letitia Wright Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression: 'I Literally Wanted To Quit Acting'

"A few years ago I saw myself in a deep state of depression and I literally wanted to quit acting," Wright said.
Charmaine Griffin
 • 2 years ago

Cardi B Reveals Her Struggle With Postpartum Depression After Kulture's Birth

The 26-year-old's latest interview with Harper's Bazaar is eye-opening in many ways.
Ricky Riley
 • 2 years ago

How Social Media Sparked My Depression And How I Got Through It

"... sometimes I hoped I could just disappear."
Brandon Samuel
 • 2 years ago

Michelle Williams Checks Into Mental Health Facility For Depression

When she was in her teens, Williams struggled with the symptoms of depression but wasn’t sure what to call it.
Alexa Lisitza
 • 2 years ago

I Know The Struggle Is Real: 5 Ways To Promote Mental Wellness During Times Of Financial Despair

"You matter despite the myth that you are depreciating stock inextricably tied to your ability to produce goods/services or physical labor."
Lacrisha Honeybrown
 • 2 years ago

Former NBA Player Known For Being Court Clown, Says Coach Caused His Depression

He says he wasn't a "depressed person" before his career.
Ashleigh Lakieva Atwell
 • 2 years ago

4 Need-To-Know Tips For Black Women Seeking Therapy

"Receiving therapy saved me from living out my darkest prospects."
 • 2 years ago

Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression, Says It’s Pretty Much ‘Part Of The Pregnancy’

Shoutout to Serena's continued inspirational transparency.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 2 years ago

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