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Megan Thee Stallion Pens Poignant NYT Essay About The Mistreatment Of Black Women: 'We Deserve To Be Protected'

“In the weeks leading up to the election, Black women are expected once again to deliver victory for Democratic candidates,” the dynamic artist wrote.
Keka Araújo
 • 18 days ago

How The Women Of ‘A Different World’ Helped Me Cope With Graduating During A Pandemic

After COVID prematurely ended my college career, four characters on my favorite show taught me how to move forward.
Ally Johnson
 • 23 days ago

GirlTrek Is Bestowing America’s Streets With Prayer And Lord, Do We Need It

The organization is hosting a 21-day walking challenge while sharing stories of spiritual warriors and lessons throughout Black history.
Keka Araújo
 • a month ago

Why Justine’s ‘Love Island’ Romance Is The Love Story Black Women Deserved To See

Black women have been conditioned to accept less, but queen Justine did not settle.
Marielle Martin
 • a month ago

How COVID-19 Affects The Young Adult Population’s Mental Health

We are already dealing with a pandemic that affects our physical well-being, but we also need to look at how this will affect our mental well-being.
Dominique White
 • a month ago

Essence Announces Staff Furlough Due To COVID-19, Assures Magazine Is Still Here For The Long Haul

Staff will only be paid through the week.
Blavity Team
 • a month ago

How The Generosity Of My Community Helps Me Cope With The Pains Of Sickle Cell Disease

DayShana Jones shares her experience battling sickle cell disease and how people can help.
DayShana Jones
 • a month ago

Black Maternal Mortality: Why We Must Act Now To Protect Black Mothers

We need leaders who support Black maternal health at every level of government.
Amanda K. Edwards
 • a month ago

Black Women Coalition Calls For A $1 Billion Investment Fund To Help Young Black Girls Thrive

Philanthropic organizations routinely ignore initiatives aimed at Black women and girls.
Jon Greig
 • a month ago

From Dolezal To Krug, Everyone Wants To Act Black Until It’s Time To Be Black

Dr. Krug will be alright, but Black folks will have to continue to fight real struggles living in our own real skin every day.
Desi K. Robinson
 • a month ago

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