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New Banner Above Columbia University's Butler Library Pays Homage To Female Writers Of Color

The names of Maya Angelou and Zora Neale Hurston will stand alongside notable philosophers like Aristotle and Plato for the entire semester.
Chelsea Burwell
 • 3 years ago

‘Toni Morrison Day’ To Be Recognized As Holiday In Author’s Ohio Hometown

The bill, introduced by a pair of state representatives, hopes to honor the late icon's legacy.
Mariya Moseley
 • 3 years ago

Megan Thee Stallion Resuscitates This 'Hot Girl Summer' In Tweets Of The Week

Megan Thee Stallion basically left Twitter speechless this week with her takeover on social media.
Jon Greig
 • 3 years ago

5 Iconic Toni Morrison Books And Quotes That Highlight Her Contribution To Blackness

The great American novelist leaves a legacy of jewels to behold.
Ida Harris
 • 3 years ago

This Clip Of Toni Morrison Educating A White Interviewer After Her Racist Question Received A Slow Clap Around The Net

"You can't understand how powerfully racist that question is, can you?" Morrison asks the clueless journalist.
Blavity Team
 • 3 years ago

17 Times Toni Morrison Slayed Us Softly With Her Words

Let's celebrate her legacy with the gifts she's given to us: her words.
Denise Huxtabook
 • 3 years ago

Literary Icon Toni Morrison Passes Away At 88

The legendary writer was the first Black woman in history to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Jon Greig
 • 3 years ago

How To Teach And Parent Better In The Age Of Big Data

"I believe that data are no substitute for building rapport with young people."
The Conversation
 • 3 years ago

11 Books By Phenomenal Black Women That Should Be Required Reading For Everyone

A list of important Black women's stories told by Black female writers.
Ida Harris
 • 3 years ago

How Toni Morrison Focused On 'Rootedness' And 5 Other Authors Who Followed Suit

How does home shape us?
 • 4 years ago

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