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7 GIFs That Perfectly Capture What It's Like Having A Quarantine Bae

If all else fails, you'll at least have the unique bond of having cohabitated through a pandemic.
Amanda Monroe
 • 10 months ago

4 Ways Your Dating Life Can Still Blossom During COVID-19

Being forced to go back to the basics doesn't seem so bad after all.
Corein Carter
 • 10 months ago

Why I Believe Lauren Speed’s Journey On ‘Love Is Blind’ Is A Win For The Culture

Seeing a Black woman in such positive and significant representation was more than refreshing.
Alesha Chanel
 • a year ago

11 Tips To Help Make Your Dating Life Everything It Finally Should Be

"There is no need to worry or feel anxious while dating because you are the prize!"
Ashley Rae
 • a year ago

Why People Post 'Couple Photos' As Their Social Media Profile Pictures

... viewers tend to form fairly accurate impressions of others based on their social media profiles and posts.
The Conversation
 • a year ago

#ToMyLadies: What Emotional Maturity In Men Reveals About Us

Let's be honest, ladies.
 • a year ago

The Key Difference I’ve Noticed Between Unsuccessful Relationships And Healthy Ones

Most men are channeled in logic; most women react off of emotion.
Lanae Dillard
 • a year ago

Cheers To Vulnerability: My Journey Of Overcoming Relationship Anxiety

Have you ever been so afraid of ruining something that, in the midst of that fear, you destroy it?
Tyra Wilkes
 • a year ago

Why Patrick Patterson’s Attack On Black Women Is Really An Attack On Himself

Patterson calling Black women bulldogs is undeserved, dangerous and, unfortunately, familiar.
Jennifer R. Farmer
 • a year ago

This Holiday Season, Here’s Why It’s Important To Me To Connect With Those Who’ve Lost Parents

The pain of losing a parent doesn't disappear, it finds a new home in each season of life.
 • a year ago

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