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Why I Believe Black Women In Illinois Politics Deserve Long Overdue Recognition

Black women really are the backbone of Illinois politics.
Mae C. Whiteside, PE
 • 9 months ago

Big Money And Its Impact On Candidates Of Color In The 2020 Race

It is concerning that Bloomberg is able to infuse his campaign with massive amounts of capital to possibly subvert the will of a segment of the electorate.
Dr. Lessie Branch
 • 9 months ago

Ambassador Susan Rice Talks 2020 Election, Her Book And What It Was Like Working With Barack Obama

Ambassador Susan Rice talks politics, young people and what she learned from President Obama.
Kelly Macías
 • 10 months ago

NCAA Board Votes Unanimously To Allow Student-Athletes To Profit From Their Likeness

Each division is required to update its bylaws and policies to reflect the change by January 2021.
Blavity Team
 • a year ago

These Dems Ain’t Loyal: Why We Can't Let Rep. Ilhan Omar Be The Face Of Hate

The first Black Muslim congresswoman has faced constant backlash since taking office.
Kandist Mallett
 • a year ago

Could A Lack Of Humility Be At The Root Of What Ails America?

"... intellectual humility reflects the extent to which someone is willing to at least entertain the possibility that he or she might be wrong about something."
The Conversation
 • a year ago

Angelica Ross Makes History As First Trans Person To Host Presidential Forum

The actress will host the LGBTQ Presidential Forum on September 21, alongside GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.
Chelsea Burwell
 • a year ago

Two Black Women Launch Cannabis Opportunity Conference To Increase Minority Presence In Marijuana Industry

The Cannabis Opportunity Conference centers on wellness and equity within the marijuana industry.
Alexa Lisitza
 • a year ago

Candace Owens Booed While Deflecting After T.I.'s Questions About Her President's MAGA Slogan

The Atlanta rapper wanted answers, and Owens couldn't deliver without buckling.
Chelsea Burwell
 • a year ago

21 Things You May Not Know About Tami Sawyer, A Millennial Mayoral Candidate In Memphis Who Could Make History

Why Memphis can't wait, her thoughts on the YeeHaw Agenda, and what she would say to Trump in an elevator.
Maya J. Boddie
 • a year ago

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