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11 Childhood Snacks That Never Get Old Even If You Do

Paying homage to the old school snacks.
Ida Harris
 • a year ago

Missy Elliott And Lizzo's VMA Performances Distracted Everyone From Feenin' For Popeyes...But Not For Long

As always, Twitter memed the hell out of the VMAs and clowned Maria Sharapova.
Jon Greig
 • a year ago

Megan Thee Stallion Says She Slated To Take Over Yet Another Season With 'Hot Nerd Fall'

Due to her massive success, the real hot girl is taking classes online to finish her education.
Ricky Riley
 • a year ago

Why I Believe The New Crop Of Female Rappers Are Positive Examples Of Sexual Liberation

"You have to respect a person who’s that honest with their intentions instead of wasting your time."
KD Williams
 • a year ago

These Tweets Of The Week Are All Up In Beyoncé's Personal Space

Twitter got its life through Beyoncé's facial expressions, lively baby conversations and Megan Thee Environmentalist.
Jon Greig
 • a year ago

Megan Thee Stallion Pitches In For Funeral Costs For A Fan Who Was Killed After Attending Her Show

This Stallion's got a big ole heart.
Ashleigh Lakieva Atwell
 • a year ago

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