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Kanye West Is Reserving 5,000 Tickets For His Upcoming Listening Party For HBCU Students

The listening event is otherwise sold out.
Daja E. Henry
 • 3 months ago

5 Of The Saddest Black Political Moments Of 2020

Several moments from this year left us scratching our heads and giving the side-eye to some of our skinfolk.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 10 months ago

Maxine Waters Verbally Ran Down On Black Men Supporting Trump: 'They Are Not Going To Get A Dime From These People'

According to a 2016 poll, 13% of Black men supported Trump four years ago.
Tomas Kassahun
 • a year ago

5 Reasons Trump Takes To Your Fave Rappers And They’re Drinking His Kool-Aid

Trump has a worldview and a lifestyle that appeals to an exaggerated hip-hop lifestyle but doesn't represent most Black people's experiences.
Christopher Rhodes
 • a year ago

50 Cent Can’t Seem To Make Up His Mind About Donald Trump

So now it's "f**k Trump?"
Jon Greig
 • a year ago

Rick Ross Acquires 87-Acre Property Near His Multi-Million Dollar Home

The property is near his multi-million dollar home that was used in the "Coming 2 America" sequel.
Tomas Kassahun
 • a year ago

How Special Interest Money In Politics Threatens Black Communities

Money drowning our political system exacerbates white supremacy.
Donald Sherman
 • a year ago

Here Are Some Of The Richest Rappers Of 2020

None of them is reliant on a singular stream of income.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • a year ago

The Celebrity Silence Around Meg Thee Stallion Is Blaring

It appears that, “saying her name” is only applicable if a Black woman actually loses her life.
Amanda Monroe
 • a year ago

Forget Kanye’s Comments, This Is My Personal Later Abortion Story

Abortion is health care, and we all should have access to medically accurate information about abortion.
Dr. Valerie Peterson
 • a year ago

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