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Here’s A History Of Beyoncé, Jay-Z And Kobe Bryant’s Friendship

Their friendship dates back to the 90s.
Amaya Woodley
 • 4 months ago

Obviously, Colin Kaepernick Spent Super Bowl Sunday Looking At Black Art And Giving Back

What would Kaep do? What he does best.
Jon Greig
 • 5 months ago

Video Shows Trump Disrespecting This Country And Its Flag By Acting Like A Restless Child During The National Anthem

President Trump played air drums during Demi Lovato's national anthem.
DeMario P. Smith
 • 5 months ago

Jay-Z Suing Australian Author Refusing To Remove His Lyrics And Namesake To Implore Rap Culture In Children's Book

Jay-Z is suing a children's book author who was embroiled in controversy in 2017 for wearing blackface and using a racial slur to promote a book.
Jon Greig
 • 7 months ago

Roc Nation Refutes Claims That Jay-Z Said He Was 'Disappointed' With Colin Kaepernick After His NFL Workout

Sports Illustrated initially cited a source who said Jay-Z made the comments.
Amaya Woodley
 • 8 months ago

Jay-Z Reportedly Played A Part In Getting Colin Kaepernick A Workout With The NFL

Twitter folks had a lot to say about Jay-Z allegedly playing a role in Kaepernick's workout on Saturday.
Blavity Team
 • 8 months ago

Ciara And Russell Wilson Won Halloween With Their Jay-Z & Beyoncé Homage

The star couple even gave a shoutout to the Obamas.
Jon Greig
 • 8 months ago

'I Am So Pissed Right Now': Uncle Luke Needs Jay-Z To Do Something About The Super Bowl LIV Halftime Performers

Because this ain't it.
Ricky Riley
 • 9 months ago

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Admits To Breaking League Rules By Reviewing Dez Bryant’s Contract With Jay-Z

The billionaire confessed that the negotiations happened in New York City.
Mariya Moseley
 • 10 months ago

Miami Dolphins Player Shows He Can Get Petty With His Playlists, Too After Coach Plays Back-To-Back Jay-Z During Practice

Let the pettiness commence.
Shelby Mayes
 • a year ago

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