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Why George Floyd’s Life Didn’t Matter To The Healthcare System, Just Like Many Black Lives Before Him

Floyd’s last moments on Earth are a metaphor for how America sees and treats Black people.
Bernard Ashby
 • 12 days ago

After Being Sexually Violated By A White Man, Watching George Floyd’s Life Taken By One Was Another Kind Of Trigger

When we talk about policing in the U.S. we have to acknowledge the full array of violence they have inflicted on Black people.
N’dea Johnson
 • 13 days ago

Protesters Hit By Police With Rubber Bullets Are Documenting Their Stories: 'This Is Why America Needs Police Reform'

As America continues demanding justice for Black lives, peaceful demonstrators share their experiences with police brutality.
Danielle Maya Banks
 • 15 days ago

10 Cases People Are Urging Be Reopened Amid Global Calls For Justice For Black Lives

Some of these pushes are paying off, as several cases have been reopened.
Jon Greig
 • 16 days ago

How The George Floyd Protests Are Similar To Black Liberation Movements Like The Haitian Revolution

Lessons to be learned about Black liberation.
 • 16 days ago

I Lost Trust In The Police At 14, And Now I Know My Story Isn’t Unique

They immediately handcuffed and 'arrested' all of us. I use that term loosely because they didn’t tell us what we had done wrong.
Claudia Powell
 • 20 days ago

2020 Uprisings, Unprecedented In Scope, Join A Long River Of Struggle In America

The spark, of course, was the horrifying video of yet another police killing of an unarmed African-American, George Floyd.
The Conversation
 • 20 days ago

There's A Countrywide Map Singling Out The Confederate Monuments In Every State

With the Southern Poverty Law Center's new interactive map, you can find out where the nearest Confederate statue is.
Jon Greig
 • 21 days ago

Navigating My Blackness As A Haitian-American And Fighting For Black Lives To Matter

White America has tricked so many in the Black community into believing we had to be just one thing.
Sara J
 • 21 days ago

Video Shows 64-Year-Old White Wisconsin Woman Spitting On Black High School Student During Peaceful Protest

Lawyer Stephanie Rapkin was seen on video spitting on Eric Lucas, a 17-year-old Black high school student.
Jon Greig
 • 23 days ago

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