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Another One Bites The Dust: National Security Advisor John Bolton Leaves The White House

Minutes after Trump said John Bolton was fired, Bolton tweeted he offered resignation Monday night.
Patrick Forrest
 • 5 months ago

Walmart Announces New Gun Policies One Month After El Paso Shooting

The retailer's CEO made the announcement on Tuesday in a letter to associates.
Patrick Forrest
 • 5 months ago

'It Is Not Letting Me Vote For Who I Want To Vote For': Viral Video Shows Mississippi Voting Machine Malfunctioning

At least three machines in two counties malfunctioned.
Ashleigh Lakieva Atwell
 • 6 months ago

GOP Representative Mia Love Blasts President During Concession Speech

"No real relationships, just convenient transactions," she said of Donald Trump.
Milan Harris
 • a year ago

To my fellow immigrants of color

Check This Out
Yordanos Eyoel
 • 3 years ago

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