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Lenny Kravitz Shares The Realest Message About Why The World Should Let Women Take The Wheel

The artist shared the message for International Women's Day.
Jazzi Johnson
 • 2 years ago

Michelle Obama Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage, Underwent IVF To Conceive Sasha And Malia

The former first lady's memoir 'Becoming' also details troubling times in her marriage to President Barack Obama.
Vinciane Ngomsi
 • 2 years ago

From TV Stars To Business Executives, This Group Of Women Defined ‘Leveling Up’ During A Supportive Weekend In Jamaica

"For some of the other dynamic ladies in the group, 'leveling up' is a mindset."

'Distant Relatives' Photo Series Showcases The Striking Resemblance Between Black Stars And Our Ancestors

This photo series inspires a stronger sense of black pride and identity.
Maya J. Boddie
 • 2 years ago

Before She Was Engaged To A Prince, 11-Year-Old Meghan Markle Was Already A Young Feminist Queen Fighting Against Sexism

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Blavity Team
 • 3 years ago

The Day I Met Beyoncé And Jay-Z

The Queen and Hov eat Pizza just like us!
Fontaine Felisha Foxworth
 • 4 years ago

Yes, A Gay Black Power Couple Is Necessary!

Something major is missing in gay culture… A major gay black couple.
Namon Eugene
 • 4 years ago

Meet Rashaun Williams: An Investor Connecting Athletes And Entertainers To Tech

Here's how he's empowering others.
Rosa Otieno
 • 4 years ago

Why A$AP Rocky is on my list of black people I no longer claim

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Erin Logan
 • 4 years ago

15 throwback movies to improve any movie night

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Dom Jones
 • 4 years ago

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