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A Looming Call For The US To Catch Up To Over 100 Other Countries On Birth Control Access

Our community knows what inequity, injustice and ostracization feel like. We know that it means placing barriers where there shouldn’t be any.
Courtney Jones
 • a month ago

Black Women In Georgia and Michigan Died From COVID-19 At Nearly 4 Times The Rate Of White Men, Study Finds

The findings were perplexing to the Harvard researchers, considering men overall are dying at far higher rates from COVID-19 than women.
Jon Greig
 • a month ago

26-Year-Old Nigerian Athlete Wins Taekwondo Gold Medal While 8 Months Pregnant

Won't we do it.
Jon Greig
 • a month ago

5 Black Women Who Could Still Take Down Donald Trump

A look at the Black women prosecutors, lawmakers, and elected leaders who are pursuing criminal or civil charges against the former president.
Christopher Rhodes
 • a month ago

After Women’s History Month, Let’s Continue To Give Black Women Their Flowers

Every woman deserves praise.
Sasha Smith
 • a month ago

Everyone Deserves A Path To Redemption, And That Includes Black Women

Even in politics — in fact, especially in politics — white men have been the recipients of countless second chances.
Jennifer R. Farmer
 • a month ago

Halle Berry Calls Out Disgraced Radio Host Who Compared Her, Other Black Women To Toaster Settings

Rob Lederman was fired after he confessed his skin tone desirability preferences to co-host Chris Klein and lead host Rich "Bull" Gaenzler.
Sìmone Stancil
 • a month ago

Lizzo Puts A Call Out For Plus-Size Women To Apply To Be Part Of Her Dream Team In New Reality TV Show

If you have the juice to twerk it out on the stage and stomp it out on the runway, the singer would love for you to apply to join her crew.
DeMario P. Smith
 • 2 months ago

When It Comes To Gun Violence, Black Women Carry A Heavy Burden

Even when police violence is not in the equation, Black women still suffer from gun violence.
Amber Goodwin
 • 2 months ago

Our Proximity To Black Women Isn't Enough: A Women’s History Month Lesson For Black Men

As men, it is not a time for us to stand on the sideline in observation of women celebrating women.
Dametraus Jaggers
 • 2 months ago

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