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Why The PledgeLA Lab Fund Is Investing In HBCU Entrepreneurs

Applications are now open. The deadline is August 6, 2020.
Evan Boswell Hamilton
 • 3 months ago

How Black Commerce And Wealth Could Be Built Through An Inclusive Economy

The challenges that Black Americans and Black business owners face are not confined to COVID-19.
Ron Busby
 • 4 months ago

Why I’m Carrying On My Brother’s Legacy Through The Black-Owned Business Of His Dreams

This is still very much Ahjanee’s clothing line and his vision. I am merely the vessel to bring it to the world.
Tatyana Arrington
 • 4 months ago

15 Black-Owned Eco-Friendly Businesses That Are Taking Sustainability Seriously

Making sustainability accessible to Black communities is important.
 • 4 months ago

4 Valuable Lessons I Learned While Working Under Black Business Owners

Lesson number one: A Black woman in leadership is not a b***h, she’s a boss.
 • 4 months ago

An Open Letter To My Fellow Black Artists In This Unprecedented Time Of Change

From writer, director and content producer Nnegest Likké.
 • 4 months ago

Nearly Half Of All Black-Owned Businesses Have Closed Permanently Because Of COVID-19, Study Finds

More than 400,000 Black businesses have closed for good, according to a new study.
Jon Greig
 • 5 months ago

How I Use Candles To Help Boost My Mental Health

My mental health was out of whack and the pressure of what to do next kept my thoughts from making any progress.
Corinne Bridgewater
 • 5 months ago

Black And Latino Businesses Are Facing Discrimination During COVID-19. Together, Here’s How We Can Change That.

Black and Brown businesses are more than where we go to buy things we need.
Color Of Change
 • 5 months ago

3 Tips To Consider Before You Quit Your 9-To-5 To Pursue Your Passion Full-Time

Building a business takes time and patience.
Kara Stevens
 • 5 months ago

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