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11 Ways Black Celebrities Are Impacting The Election And Social Justice Convos In 2020

From LeBron to Jay-Z to Cardi B, Black athletes and entertainers have influenced politics this year like never before
Christopher Rhodes
 • 3 months ago

By Mail Or In-Person, Here’s Why Black Women Are Demanding Our Full Voting Rights

We will settle for nothing less than our full voting rights. We will get out the Black vote early and won’t rest until every vote is cast and counted.
Marcela Howell
 • 4 months ago

Why Black Young Voters Will Continue To Fight Beyond The Ballot Box

No matter what happens this election, Black youth will prevail.
Dawn Boudwin and Carmel Pryor
 • 4 months ago

Exclusive: Biden-Harris Campaign And CBC To Kick Off Virtual Bus Tour On National Black Voter Day

The two-week tour begins on Friday.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 4 months ago

5 Ways To Audaciously Reclaim Your Joy In 2020

Do your best with what you have until you have more.
Devin D. Bridgers
 • 5 months ago

Why The Revolution For Racial Justice Starts With The Youth Vote

Let's turn our collective anger over racial discrimination into collective action to get out and vote.
Troy Blackwell
 • 7 months ago

COVID-19 And What’s At Stake For Black Voters

With an election less than seven months away, Black voters are at risk of being disenfranchised more than our white counterparts.
 • 9 months ago

Michelle Obama Pushes For Mail-In Voting As Concerns Mount For Voters’ Health

Mrs. Obama's nonpartisan initiative is backing expanded voting options for the public.
Jon Greig
 • 9 months ago

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