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Woman Discovers She's White After 70 Years Of Thinking She's A Light Skinned Black Woman

Verda Byrd was adopted by a black family, and believed she was black for almost her whole life.
Ashleigh Lakieva Atwell
 • a year ago

How Michelle Obama’s Memoir Changed The Way I Tell My Story

Representation in media affects adults, too.
Chastity McFarlan, PhD
 • 2 years ago

You Want To Be The First Black [Fill In The Blank]?

No thanks.
Ashlea Archer
 • 2 years ago

Changing The Narrative: The Importance Of Marvel’s 'Black Panther' In The United Kingdom

"Although 'Black Panther' may just be one film, and its positive model of representation is the exception rather than the rule, it has succeeded in showing the world a new perspective ..."
 • 2 years ago

Jordan Peele Explains How Whoopi Goldberg And Her Oscars Acceptance Speech In 1991 Inspired Him

"I almost never became a director because there’s such a shortage of role models."
Keith Andre
 • 3 years ago

2-Year-Old Awestruck By Michelle Obama Portrait Believes She's A Queen

"As a female and as a girl of color, It's really important that I show her people who look like her that are doing amazing things and are making history so that she knows she can do it."
Dominique Jackson
 • 3 years ago

New British Campaign Recreates Famous Movie Posters With Black Leads To Call For More Diverse Blockbusters

"Black Panther" was only the beginning!
Ricky Riley
 • 3 years ago

How Do We Continue The Community And Camaraderie Provided By 'Black Panther'?

Where do we go from here?
Franklin Forbes
 • 3 years ago

How Marvel’s 'Black Panther' Reminded Everyone That Africa Is Home

African is the new black.
 • 3 years ago

How The Story of Wakanda Affords Black Viewers The Chance To Analyze And Reflect

'Black Panther' is a moment for black people to control our own narratives.
Alfonso François
 • 3 years ago

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