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Why #EndSars Matters Not Just To Nigerians, But Black Americans, Too

A country that allows police to kill and abuse citizens without consequence is not a democracy.
RaeNosa Onwumelu
 • 9 days ago

White Woman Yells 'F**k Black Lives Matter' To Black Starbucks Barista After Being Asked To Wear Mask

The 19-year-old barista said she was just doing her job and that mask guidelines are for the safety of everyone.
DeMario P. Smith
 • 9 days ago

Here Are More Movements Against Police Brutality That Have Been Happening Around The Globe

Black Lives Matter and similar movements are fighting systemic racism and police violence in many countries.
Christopher Rhodes
 • 10 days ago

'It is Unbearable To Watch': Rihanna, Beyoncé, Hillary Clinton And More Speak Out In Solidarity With #EndSARS Protesters

Tensions continue to escalate in Nigeria.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 10 days ago

Memphis Poll Worker Takes It Upon Themself To Turn Away Voters Wearing BLM Shirts

A spokesperson said the poll worker thought the words were affiliated with Democratic Party.
Jon Greig
 • 11 days ago

Wisconsin Police Cut The Budget For A Domestic Violence Org After It Showed Support For BLM

The nonprofit isn't the only organization to face consequences for supporting BLM.
DeMario P. Smith
 • 12 days ago

Family Of Ronald Greene, Black Man Who Died In Police Custody In 2019, Learns Disturbing New Details About His Death

“This family has been lied to the entire time about what happened,” civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 12 days ago

Black Customer Denied Service At Portland Gas Station After Employee Assumes He'll Use Gas To Riot

“He asked if I was a Black Lives protester, rioter, kinda smirked and said, ‘I'm not giving you any gas,'" Dominique DeWeese said.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 15 days ago

This Is The Black Agenda I Propose For The First 100 Days Of A Biden-Harris Administration

The Biden-Harris administration must tackle the issues of police brutality, Black wealth and voting rights.
Brandon Hicks
 • 16 days ago

White Man Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Attacking Black Teen With Bike Lock, Yelling 'Black Lives Don't Matter'

"I wish someone would say something to me so I can beat them," one witness said he heard Lee James Mouat saying of the teens.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 17 days ago

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