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Tracking Anniversaries Of Black Deaths Isn’t Memorializing Victims — It’s Objectifying Them

Those stories routinize systemic violence through their repetition.
The Conversation
 • a month ago

Proud Boys Leader Sentenced To Prison For Burning Black Lives Matter Banner

Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 155 days in jail.
Sìmone Stancil
 • a month ago

10 Ways To Tell If Black Lives Actually Matter At Your Job

With all that has happened, there is plenty that has yet to happen.
Ewuare X. Osayande
 • a month ago

New York Shop Owner Ordered To Pay $500 To Each Of The 20 BLM Protesters He Lied To Police About

David Elmendorf is said to have falsely claimed that “20 armed protestors who were threatening to shoot him."
Rashad Grove
 • a month ago

Unlicensed Security Guard Kills Unarmed Black Man, Alvin Motley, After Argument Over Music

The guard shot the 48-year-old man after arguing over loud music in the car he was riding in.
Tomas Kassahun
 • a month ago

Equal Empathy, Equal Respect, Equal Standing: Black Women's Equal Pay Day Should Hit Different In Its 25th Year

Financial equity is just the minimum.
Zahara Hill
 • 2 months ago

Notable Democratic Party Donor Ed Buck Convicted In Overdose Deaths Of Two Black Men

The two men were lured to Buck's home and died in separate incidents over a year apart.
Sìmone Stancil
 • 2 months ago

Costa Rican Gymnast Luciana Alvarado Honors Black Lives Matter During Floor Routine At Olympics

The Costa Rican native protested in favor of Black Lives Matter at the conclusion of her floor routine Sunday.
Sìmone Stancil
 • 2 months ago

Melina Abdullah: 8 Years Of Black Lives Matter Is Just The Beginning Of Our Journey Toward Black Liberation

Beyond Los Angeles, BLM solidified its organizing under BLM Grassroots to work toward an abolitionist vision across all local communities.
Dr. Melina Abdullah
 • 2 months ago

Proud Boys Leader Pleads Guilty To Burning BLM Flag That Belonged To Black DC Church

The charges filed against Tarrio are unrelated to the riots that took place on Jan. 6.
Jon Greig
 • 2 months ago

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