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9 Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes To Never Forget

Remembering some of his most timely, and overlooked, sayings.
Amanda Monroe
 • 12 days ago

50 Years Later: The Murder Of Fred Hampton And The Impact It Had On My Life

I first became aware of the Black Panther Party when I was four years old.
Sarah Ratliff
 • 13 days ago

As A Leader In The Afrofuturism Movement, Here Is Some History On What It Is And Its Lineage As An Artistic Concept

Acclaimed musician Nona Hendryx on the Afrofuturism movement, her championing of the genre and how she is pushing the art forward.
Nona Hendryx
 • 13 days ago

Panel Of Black Immigrant Students Bombarded With Racist Questions During Black History Month Event

A group of Black BYU students were bombarded with racist questions at a panel event.
Jon Greig
 • 13 days ago

Willie O'Ree, The First Black NHL Player, Discusses Playing Without A Helmet, Meeting Jackie Robinson And Growing Up In Hockey

Willie O’Ree — the "Jackie Robinson of hockey" — has a story to tell.
Tyler Marie Lawrence
 • 15 days ago

Your Fave’s, Fave: Why Black Publicists Should Be Honored In Black History, Too

I bet you didn't know that Black publicists are the backbone of the entertainment industry, did you?
Leon Valentine
 • 15 days ago

Twitter Gathered Everyone Trying To Make A Mockery Of Black History Month In Tweets Of The Week

Twitter had a lot to say about the start of February.
Jon Greig
 • 16 days ago

Sister Rosetta Tharpe Is The Under Appreciated Black Woman Who Invented Rock & Roll

Chuck Berry and Elvis knew who the real originator was, you should too!
Amanda Monroe
 • 19 days ago

Kamala Harris: How These Moments Of Black History Helped Prepare Me For Who I’ve Become

Never Ask Permission to Lead. Just Lead.
U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris
 • 20 days ago

How Alice Walker Created Womanism — The Movement That Meets Black Women Where Feminism Misses The Mark

"Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender."
Camille Rahatt
 • 22 days ago

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