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Who Is Shenseea? All About The Caribbean Superstar Behind 'Lick'

While Sheseea is trending, let's familiarize ourselves with this artist and her journey to success.
Nick Fenley
 • 5 months ago

8 Times Monica Has Shown Up For The Black Community

Whether it’s using her platform to encourage Atlanta residents to vote in the 2021 Senate runoff elections or offering her condolences to Young Dolph’s family amid his untimely death, Monica is always down to ride for the community.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 5 months ago

It's Aquarius Season: 7 Celebrities We're Celebrating This Month and Next

You may have friends, family members or even colleagues who were born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18, and it can probably be said that they bring an insurmountable amount of joy to your life.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • 5 months ago

Folks Are Somehow Still Surprised These Celebs Are Related

Some of these Black celebrity families had Twitter shook.
BreAnna Bell
 • 6 months ago

Is Travis Scott What Happens When A Black Man Cosplays White Rage?

Rage is a privilege afforded to few.
Amanda Monroe
 • 7 months ago

How Celebrity Voices Creating Awareness About Lifesaving Organ Transplants Could Save Lives

While legislative advancements targeting organ donation will help to save the lives of Americans already living with serious chronic illnesses like kidney disease, we must also do more to prevent these illnesses in the first place.
LaVarne A. Burton
 • a year ago

5 People Who Shouldn’t Be Able To Sit With You In 2021

Let's make a pact to leave these folks in 2020.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • a year ago

An Open Letter To My Fellow Black Artists In This Unprecedented Time Of Change

From writer, director and content producer Nnegest Likké.
 • 2 years ago

Tika Sumpter Gives Advice To Black Spouses In Interracial Relationships Fighting For Justice: 'We Do Not Need To Protect Them'

Many social media users chimed in to the conversation and agreed with the actress.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 2 years ago

These Responses From Black Celebrities To George Floyd's Killing Range From Powerful To Problematic

There's a time to speak up, and there's also a time to keep quiet. I guess some of these celebs didn't catch the latter memo.
Blavity Team
 • 2 years ago

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