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We Voted Blue, But The Democratic Party Still Owes Black People Bigly

Black people need and deserve apologies coupled with accountability.
Tanesha Peeples
 • 3 months ago

5 Ways Your Gratitude For Black Women Can Go Beyond Lip Service

You're grateful Black women saved the nation? Prove it.
Amanda Monroe
 • 4 months ago

Why I Believe President-Elect Biden Should Pass Paid Family Leave In His First 100 Days

Family centered public policy and a strong economic environment aren’t competing interests. When we take care of our people, industry and commerce also wins.
QuentinMichael Savwoir
 • 4 months ago

Tweets Reveal Trump’s And Biden’s Competing Views Of Masculinity – What That Will Mean For Presidential Leadership

Gender norms in a Biden/Harris administration will differ from those on display in the White House during the past four years.
The Conversation
 • 4 months ago

Why I See BIPOC Unity As An Important Pathway Forward

Black Americans were responsible for 87% during the 2020 election. While Black women in particular, were responsible for a whopping 91% of that total.
Yinka Robinson
 • 4 months ago

Here We Go Again: Like Obama, Biden Now Has A Big Red Mess To Clean Up

Attention, clean up in aisle America.
Kinyel Ragland
 • 4 months ago

How White Became The Color Of Suffrage

Kamala Harris wore white for a reason during her victory speech.
The Conversation
 • 4 months ago

I Owe Stacey Abrams An Apology

Something we thought was dead started to look alive again.
Karen Anderson
 • 4 months ago

'Wait And See' Is An Unsatisfying — But Accurate — Way To Present Election Results

It’s hard to be patient.
The Conversation
 • 4 months ago

Why I Believe We Have Little To Celebrate Even If Biden Wins

I don’t have hope that things will return to normal once Trump leaves office. History can only march forward.
Cole Brown
 • 4 months ago

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