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Sybrina Fulton Is Officially Qualified To Run For Office In Miami-Dade County

Fulton was spurred into action after the killing of her son, Trayvon Martin.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, has officially qualified to run for District 1 commissioner in Miami-Dade County, according to a tweet she sent out on Monday. 

Fulton was born and raised in Miami Gardens, Florida, and became active politically after her 17-year-old son was shot to death by George Zimmerman in 2012.

“My time as a public servant began 30 years ago at Miami-Dade County. Since 2012, I have advocated tirelessly to empower our communities and make them safer. But the work is not done. I am proud to announce that I will run to represent District 1 on the county commission,” she said in a statement on Instagram last year when she announced that she was running.

Fulton became a household name in 2012 due to the nationwide outrage over Martin's killing and the acquittal of Zimmerman. Martin was walking home from a corner store in Sanford, Florida, when Zimmerman decided he was dangerous, attacked him and eventually shot him to death.   

Since her son's passing, Fulton has become an ardent gun rights advocate, often standing alongside Lucy McBath and Lesley McSpadden, both of whom also had children killed due to gun violence.

Both McBath and McSpadden have run for office, and Fulton is now joining them in the political sphere.

Fulton is facing off against Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert III, who is her main opponent in the race. She has received some high-profile endorsements for her campaign.  

According to HuffPost and Fulton's campaign website, Sen. Cory Booker and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have endorsed her in the race. Clinton held a virtual fundraiser for Fulton at the end of May, but she still trails Gilbert heavily in terms of campaign funds.

FloridaPolitics.com reported that Gilbert brought in $426,000 in donations and still has more than $300,000 left, while Fulton only raised $134,000 and has spent almost all of it. 

Fulton has spent the last few years making speeches across the country about gun violence, and her campaign platform is now centered around transportation, economic opportunity and housing affordability.

Her campaign manager, Willis Howard, spoke to the Washington Post previously about her potential candidacy and her desire for change. 

“She has given speeches where she talked about, here’s a couple things you might have to do: You might have to protest. You might have to march. You might have to run for office. She kept realizing, she was speaking to herself,” Howard said. 

“You can’t help but bring her experiences to the forefront. As she has said, if not now, then when? If it’s not her, then who? She is the leadership that she’s been asking for,” he added. 

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