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Solange Premieres Performance Art Installation 'Bridge-s' At Getty Museum In Los Angeles

The piece is described as a “transition through time."

Solange premiered her immersive performance art installation, “Bridge-s” at Getty Museum in Los Angeles over the weekend, reports The Guardian. 

More than 400 people attended the performance, including Tyler the Creator and Dev Hines, despite little information being available to the public prior to this past weekend. 

The performance art, which was open to the public on both Saturday and Sunday, is described as a “transition through time."

The production showcased dancers in orange and brown silk outfits moving through the marble stage while the sun was setting. It also included live music by jazz pianist Cooper Moore as well as a drummer who used the architecture of the building to create sounds. 

The piece is scored by Solange and choreographed by Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly. 

Solange began creating “Bridge-s” about two months ago. She told the Los Angeles Times that it explores minimalism and repetition “while inviting moments of chaos, uncertainty, rupture, and which all feel like they speak to the unpredictable ride of transition.” 

The installation is part of Gerard and Kelly’s larger work “Modern Living” which explores art and architecture. The choreography mimics movements of a clock. 

Kelly said that though the "Cranes In The Sky" singer was mainly focused on the music, she was heavily involved with the entire artistic process. 

When speaking on the development of the work, the Houston native explained she creates the sounds using her voice then gets together with her band to expand. 

“Then I sit with my band and begin to experiment with building different loops of the compositions,” she said. “From there I try to maximize them as far as I can, building them out with as many iterations of sounds as I can.”

She describes “Bridge-s” as a “reflection on how much transition can be controlled and accelerated by our own ideas, thoughts and movements.”

During the bows, she thanked the audience. 

“Composing the music for this piece and directing it, alongside Gerard and Kelly, has been so fulfilling for me as I enter new planes as a composer and writer,” Knowles said. “I just thank you guys for allowing me the space to evolve and experiment and express new frontiers.”

The “new planes” she referenced include her previous performance art installations at Los Angeles’ Hammer Theater, a performance in Marfa, Texas, and one at the Guggenheim Museum in which she brought out other Black dancers and musicians. 

“Bridge-s” is part of Getty Museum’s pledge of $5 million to aid in representing Black artists better. In September of 2018 they launched the African American Art History Initiative and acquired Betye Saar’s archive.

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